She/Her   | Meanjin (Brisbane) Australia |


Warp x Weft
Clay, muslin, chain, hair, wax, aluminium
Siena Hart in collaboration with Cassin Denmar

Install view at Brisbane Powerhouse
for Mutual Intent

Curated by Third Quarter + Yeti Bne

In Warp x Weft, we both wanted to approach collaboration intuitively. A studio-driven process of experimenting with materials emblematic to each of our practices; Clay and butter muslin.

Core to our intent was a transformation of each of our practices through connection.

Weaving was unfamiliar to both of us. The act of creating the weave took a great amount of trust and patience, no movement by one could be unmet by the other in a delicate, meditative process.

In our individual practices, we each circle things that exist between and beyond definition; Chimeras, chrysalis’. We wanted to obscure the line between us as artists, rather than create something that exposed the seams.

In each satellite work, we gifted each other three materials important to us. Taking these same ideas, we hoped to push the boundaries of our own practices; again taking on unfamiliar materials, though now with our shared knowledges and intention.