Siena Hart
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Siena Hart

Total Visibility, Total Unknowing
Song For a Girl(s)
Girl Practice
Drip II

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Sometimes I Think of U

Siena Hart
Brisbane, Australia

Hart explores simple interventions of the everyday through digitally mediated performance and installation. 

Adopting a collaged approach to the presentation of visual and metaphysical research, Hart provokes shared, but unique senses of intimacy and relation by probing audience’s fixed notions of subjectivity, identity and meaning; carving out a space between the universal and subjective ‘real’. With a focus on outward manifestations of embodied experience, vulnerability, anxiety, and the dialogue between the real and the imagined, Hart invites audiences to challenge the architecture of their own identities, perception, and memory.

Hart graduated 2018 with First-Class Honours at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith.

In 2015 Siena completed a summer residency with the New York School of Visual Art, with In-Residence (Australia) in 2017, and Soft Space (Netherlands) in 2018. She has exhibited in various ARIs and galleries in  Australia, including PoP Gallery, Kunstbunker, Post Datum, and Mount ARI, Webb Gallery, Jugglers  Artspace and the Queensland Centre for Photography as well as The Void as part of the Dark MOFO festival, and the One Woman Project as part of the Brisbane Feminist Festival.

Siena is a co-founding director of the S0S0 digital artspace. Find out more here.

Opening page work:
Babyface  (excerpt)
Various Mediums